The Powerful Word: Why Will God Never Disappoint You?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why would God never disappoint you? People can dispirit you every day, rejection after rejection. The feeling of hope is nowhere near you. Even if you can find yourself in the crowd, you feel lonelier more than ever.

That feeling of loneliness is an indicator of your relationship with God. You will never be lonely if you are truly linked to God and seek His Kingdom. Our Heavenly Father is constantly present: in every circumstance and need. He is listening to you. God never disappoints because He is always there!

Why Will God Never Disappoint You?

God never disappoints because He is always there. God is, in His essence, the same from the beginning of time to the last day; His nature is written in His Word (the Bible) and never changes.

What God promises, He has the ability to fulfill. And no matter how unfaithful we are to Him, He is always faithful and will never disappoint you. 

Whatever you ask the Father in Jesus’ Name, He will do it. Whatever you ask Heavenly Father, He will do it. It is how our trust in God grows. God’s answers to our prayers, and are a reflection of our life with God.

What happens to my heart when I pray and don’t get an answered prayer? You can’t help but feel rejected and betrayed? You expected something, and you didn’t get what you asked. Such feelings are beautiful for us, and that is completely natural. We are trying to resist and fight, but we can’t because we are already broken. And the more we try, the harder it is to stand with God.

God never disappoints
God never disappoints- Psalm 22:5

How to proceed?

The heart is inflamed because it is not heard. It is the hardest thing to get up from your grave, but it is not easy to be enchanted again. God is good, and we can all experience that. The heart cannot go anywhere when it is disappointed. And you know that God never disappoints.

David tells you, Lord, I shout, don’t be deaf and dumb to me, otherwise, I would have to go to the world dead. David cries out for the Lord to hear him. And we know that the LORD obeyed David, and exalted him to be king of Judah.

That is why we need to stay in prayer. To be persistent in prayer. We are learning to free your heart. Bring everything from your heart to the Lord. Approach the throne of righteousness sincerely and pour out all your feelings to the Lord from the deepest tones of your heart. We learn to be persistent.

David prayed fervently until God answered. And that is the answer. When you grow in trust God, He will hear when you call on Him. And yes, God will not disappoint you, God never disappoints.

Why will God never give up on us?

God will never give up on us for paying dearly for the price of our freedom. He shed the Blood of Christ on the cross to keep us free, and then when He set us free, He will never give up on us.

God had to pull us deep into our mud to take us to Himself. How deeply, do you wonder? So deep that He gave His only born son.

So, where do you get the idea that God has given up on you? If God had to step hard into the mud to take you, do you think He’ll just give up on you now? No chance! God will never give up on you!

Sometimes you may disappoint God but be sure that God never disappoints you. It is not in His nature. 

There will be periods in everyone’s lives when we say, God, I give up. I want to stay away from You, from everything. I’m giving up. But, God says no. The Lord gives you strength for new victories! And you try to give up, and something brings you back. And then tomorrow, you are grateful that He brought you back. God will never leave you. That is grace.

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Once You Realize God Never Disappoints, It Changes the Way You Think About Everything

We are easily disappointed in a chilly world of disappointment where individuals are egotistical and serve only themselves. But God, as He is, rises above the world, and promises He will never leave us and never reject us.

God has promised that our sins will be forgiven when we pray in Jesus’ name and seek His righteousness. Thank God for the wisdom He gives us every day that encourages us and never leaves us.

Who are we to go against us when God is with us. And the Lord is always with us when we call on Him in the name of Jesus.

All these feelings of loneliness are not from the Lord but this world. With all the damage we have because of the world we live in, the devil has managed to discourage us. Let us rise now, with the Lord, who is always with us. Let’s open the Bible and read the Word of God. Let us open our ears to hear what God is telling us. God will never deceive you. God never disappoints. God will not disappoint you, so spend time with Him.

God never disappoints
God never disappoints- Romans 5:5

God Never Disappoint- Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Heavenly Fater,

To you belongs all the Praise and Glory. Lord, you are the King of kings, Your Mercy is immeasurable across the entire Universe. To you, Lord belongs my life and everything in it.

Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven, Lord. Even today, I stand before you with a grateful heart for never leaving me, Lord. Thank you for always being there when everyone else rejects me. Thank you for God never disappointing me.

You said to seek the kingdom of heaven, and everything else will be added to you and protect it so God. We seek the Kingdom of Heaven and invoke Your will in our lives. Always be with us, Lord, and do not let us leave you.

I love you, God. We thank you in the Name of Jesus Christ, whom you gave for us so that everyone who believes in him does not perish but has eternal life. I Jesus name Amen.

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