The New Jerusalem; July 7

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And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. (Revelation 21:2, KJV)

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Apostle John was at Patmos, an island in Greece, where he was writing the book of Revelation. It is the last book in the New Testament; therefore, it was the last book in the Holy Bible. We can see, from the first few words, he is making a statement. When I read this verse, it seems like John has something very important to say. And frankly, it is important. He saw the holy city, New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is in heaven. Every time the Scriptures mention the New Jerusalem, it is said that it descends from heaven, where angels guard its gates. The capital of Israel was ancient Jerusalem. It was Jehovah’s throne, where King David, his son Solomon and others ruled. So, Jerusalem represented God’s authority on earth. Sometimes, it was also called the holy city.

The New Jerusalem is full of saved people, followers of Jesus, that is, the bride of Christ. The New Jerusalem is referred to as the bride, the Lamb’s wife. In this symbolic description, the Lamb represents Jesus Christ. Lamb’s wife, the bride of Christ (Church), refers to Christians who will be in heaven with Jesus. Scripture compares the relationship between Jesus and these Christians to the relationship between husband and wife.
John saw, the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, and it looked beautiful. He was so fascinated with his beauty, that he compared it with a bride prepared for her future husband. We all know how much time it takes for a bride to prepare. The New Jerusalem is described as coming down from God out of heaven, indicating that, through it, God is influencing what is happening on earth.

Homework: Read chapter 21 from the Book of Revelation.

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