The formation of Lucifer’s kingdom

The formation of Lucifer’s kingdom is very complicated. There are levels and sublevels in his kingdom, and all of them present the spiritual domain. As we all know, the Holy Trinity recognizes three personalities in one form, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, the opposite of the Holy Trinity is the unholy trinity that also recognizes three personalities in one form, the antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet. The lowest level of Lucifer’s kingdom are the people who are used by evil spirits, and then the evil spirits, demons, and then go the principalities, and authorities. And the last one with the most power is supreme of this dark world. They will manifest most in recent times in their full force when politics and religion make an adulterous alliance. That alliance will release evil that the world has not seen.

The Antichrist will represent the spiritual government on earth, that is, the political authority. False authorities will bring a false prophet; he will be a religious leader. When they ally, the supreme ruler will be freed with his darkness, Lucifer will get all the power on earth. We still don’t know who the antichrist and the false prophet are because they are not announced in the body. Yet, we recognize them in the spirit. There has been much speculation as to who they may be or already are; we certainly do not know to this day. And this alliance will unquestionably be on a global level. 

Prof that Lucifer’s kingdom exists

 Jesus cast out one evil spirit from a man. Then the Pharisees accused Him of being able to cast out the spirit of that man by obeying the supreme demon Beelzebub. Jesus answers them that Satan cannot cast out Satan, as we read in Matthew chapter twelve. He adds that if Satan were to cast out Satan, then that would be a schism in the kingdom itself. Equally important, Jesus mentions that if He casts out evil spirits with the help of the Holy Spirit, then the Kingdom of God has come to them. As a result, we see that there are two opposing kingdoms. Demons are invisible servants in the spiritual Satan’s kingdom. Now, the words: our fight is not against the body (flesh and blood) but against the rulers and authorities, have a deeper meaning.

Satan’s kingdom is the king of darkness. People who are used by evil spirits and demons often do not even know that they are possessed. They don’t know who they serve. Lucifer’s greatest success was that he managed to convince the world that he doesn’t exist. The name Lucifer, in Hebrew, means morning star, while in Latin it means light-bearer. He was one of the chief archangels in the kingdom of God. We read, in Isaiah, that Lucifer sought to equate with God, so he fell. Satan’s ambition was to equal himself to God. He motivated other angels to join him in the rebellion. He negatively affected one-third of the angels, so that they followed him in the fall. They are part of his kingdom today. 

Level one: The people who are possessed with demons

The lowest level in the formation of Lucifer’s kingdom is the people who are possessed with demons. There are two sublevels at this level the first one is the people who are agnostics or atheists, people without <faith>. The second one is the people with religious beliefs, who may or may not know that they are possessed. For example, legalists, people who say they believe in God, but their life is saying the opposite. Also, all other people who are not freed with the Blood of the Lamb. 

How do they serve Lucifer’s kingdom? Religious people are regularly obsessed with other people’s sins, and they go around to tell everyone. While talking about others, they are talking about themselves. Their heart is full of sin, so their mouths say it. They speak in the name of God but do not speak in the Spirit of God.

When the Antichrist comes, they will all fall away from the faith and follow him. When a false prophet comes, they will all fall away from their faith and go with him because they are not steadfast in the belief. The political spirit drives ambition, and the religious spirit drives envy; whenever these two spirits come together, great evil arises.

Level two: demons

Demons, or evil spirits, are made of invisible matter because they are spiritual beings. For example, a sudden feeling (someone is next to you), and that feeling is repulsive and disturbing. They can go through all obstacles, such as a wall or a door. Demons cannot be in the room where the Spirit of God dwells. Because the Lord cleaned that room, good deeds pleasing Him are occurring in it, so that place has God’s protection. God’s Grace, which covers such places, burns demons, and they cannot rule. If there is no protection of God on man, then evil spirits can enter man without any obstacles. Evil spirits live where they belong. A man, making a mistake, prepares such a place for them. Where there is sin, there they are. Demons, (evil spirits) are by nature evil cunning beings who have a daring appearance.

They hate righteousness and virtue, and everything connected with the Lord. They want to get a man with all their strength, to be attracted to sin, and then close to develop and increase that sin in him until man becomes his servant. Demons feast on human’s sin; when a person surrenders to various sinful deeds (anger, lust, envy). Their main goal is the destruction of God’s work and separating the people from God and deceiving them.

Level three: Authority

In the formation of Lucifer’s kingdom, there are two sub-levels in terms of authority: political and religious. Please, keep in mind that this is in the spiritual world, and it can not be seen with our worldly eyes. Both the political and religious figures are not the people of flesh and blood but the high servants in the formation of Lucifer’s kingdom. Also, this political sub-level has two more classifieds: political authority that we see through the media and the hidden one that rules from the darknesses. Both are equally dangerous because they have no fear of the Lord, they do not love justice but only money.

False religious leaders abide only by the law and pervert the word of God. Unfortunately, as the last days approach, there are more and more of them. They seduce people who are not based on faith with false science. Their main goal is to separate people from the Lord and to trick them into worshiping the devil. Our only fight is against a common enemy, and that is Satan. Our fight is against the power of this world that is not from God. That fight is spiritual, and it is not in the flesh but the spirit through prayer. And as long as we pray and fight in that way, the dark world will not have full power.

Level four: The highest supreme of the dark world

Satan does not want to be exposed. It is not possible to discover him without the Holy Spirit. Because if not, darkness will swallow you up. On the other hand, we should not give up but with the Holy Spirit, recognize the spirits and deal with them. Ask God to have protection from the devil’s attack.

The power of Lucifer is as much as you allow him. This word doesn’t belong to him, and he has no authority unless we give him through sin. We, who are true believers, we who are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, should not be afraid of the devil. Christ’s blood has the power and the authority to clean every sin, to save every soul, and to drive away every Lucifer’s attack. Don’t underestimate the devil because he is very clever, and the formation of Lucifer’s kingdom is extremely organized.
Jesus said, addressing the devil, he has nothing of his own in me. While religious people hide their sin, and they will not come to the light of God. Then the devil comes and says you have something of mine in you. And the devil came for his own. Therefore, cleanse every sin before God.

Final level of the formation of Lucifer’s kingdom

We read in the book of Revelations that great evil will be released only when political and religious authorities enter into an adulterous alliance. That will happen soon because now are last times, and it will unquestionably be on a global level. The good thing about all this is that, we the faithful, will already be in heaven. If you are not already saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation. We honor Jesus’s sacrifice for breaking every chain we were bound to. God broke every punishment. We are healed by His wounds. God took your sin upon Himself, became a sinner on the cross, and gave you His righteousness. He broke the power of sin and death and gave us his life. Choose to serve the kingdom of God instead of the kingdom of the devil.

Because we have already won our victory in Him.

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