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If there is anything that we can help you with, please feel free to insert your prayer request. Be sure that at least one member of our team will be praying for you. Not every prayer is answered, but never the less we must keep praying. God, our Heavenly Father, loves everyone more than any earthly father loves his child. And in His love is the key to understanding the secret of why one prayer is fulfilled and another is not. Once men’s will agree with God’s will, God fulfills our prayer.

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    What did people say

    “I’ve been a believer for almost twenty years now, and all I am asking for is my family to be saved too. I pray that my family joins me in my faith.”
    Joanna (68)
    “It is our choices, people, that show who we truly are, and we are sons and daughters of all mighty God. So, start asking like it!”
    N. Leona (27)
    “In short, If you are worried, then you didn’t pray enough. If you prayed, then for what reason would you say you are stressed?”
    M.B. (52)

    About prayer

    How and why should we pray? There are four stages of prayer.

    The first step of physical prayer is standing, reading, and worship. The second step is when words are connected with the mind. The third stage is when every expression of prayer, echoes, not only in the mind but also in the heart. For example, if a prayer is a request, then you should feel a strong desire in the heart. But, only if it is God’s will. The fourth step is prayer without words, standing before the Lord in peace and complete devotion to Him. Always pray as the Lord is watching and listening to you. When you feel something in your heart during prayer, catch it, and stick to it, and stand in it.

    A bird is a bird if it flies. A flowers is a flower if it blooms. A man is a man if he prays.

    One definition of prayer is: Prayer is the breathing of the soul. Exactly as breathing is essential for human life, so is prayer necessary for human spiritual growth. He who no longer breathes is dead; he who no longer prays, his faith is dead. That is why Christ regularly asks us to pray that we do not fall into temptation. (Luke 22:40) Christ is also the best example of a true prayer book, retreated to loneliness or the hill for prayer.

    All possible situations can be found in his prayers: joy, gratitude, happiness, praise. Also mourning and cry when He is asking God, why have you forsaken me (Matthew 27:46). It is clear to Him how far prayer can have, the external nearness of God, but also the feeling of abandonment. His prayer is a model for all human prayers.

    Where should we pray?

    The best example of prayer was given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ. He prayed in the temple and a deserted place, in solitude and always devoted. He also asks us to pray not for the sake of people, but for the sake of God to bring our whole soul into it. He said in Matthew where two or three are gathered together in His name, He is here, and He is among them” (Matt. 18:20). So, we should pray everywhere and in every place, wherever we feel the need for it.

    We need to pray alone in our room and the community of the “people of God” in the church! In every situation and every place because we need God’s guidance and help. Without Him, we are nobody; and we can do nothing. Therefore, as Lord Jesus said, always pray.

    God loves us, and we love God with all of our hearts. Above all, He showed that love on the cross. He gave us the right to call him a Heavenly Father. So, we are His children, and we can always talk to Him. Prayer is communication with God. In other words, pray without resting. To clarify, true Christians begin, follow, and end all their daily activities with prayer.

    In short, prayer is an open line with God 24/7,use it!

    A Book of Common Prayers

    Prayer for authorities (State leaders)

    Dear Heavenly Father, All the nations are yours, they are your properties, and You are the only one who knows how the best to rule with them. Everyone knows how to manage their property rather than someone else’s. The leaders of all courtesies in the world rule with the property of someone else. Your property, Lord. Continue, Lord, to guide all the governments to rule by Your will; to lead them to progress the road that You made for all of us;

    All the glory belongs to you, God! For the sake of your love, most Holy Creator, fill the elders with Your Holy Spirit to rule according to your will. God have mercy on all of us. Thank you for everything! In the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Morning prayer

    Glory to You, our God, glory to You. Thank You, Lord, for waking me up this morning. Thank you for giving me to enjoy another day of yours and a day with you. King of Heaven, Comforter, Spirit of truth, You God, Who are everywhere and fulfill all, the treasury of good and Giver of life, come and dwell in us, cleanse us from all impurity and sin. Glory and praise be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit now and forever and ever.

    Rising from sleep, we fall before You, Lord, and we overcome you and bend you: It is holy, holy is the Lord God! You raised me from the bed, Lord, now you have visited my mind and heart, open my mouth to sing to you. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Lord, let me calmly accept everything that this day has brought me and surrender completely to your holy will. Guide me and help me every hour of the day. Watch my thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Do not allow me to forget in unforeseen cases that all this comes from You. Teach me to treat my parents and neighbors fairly, not to anger or grieve anyone. Lord, give me the strength to endure the fatigue of today and everything that happens during the day.

    Manage my will, and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to suffer, to forgive, and to love. Lord, let me be an instrument of your peace: where there is hate to seed love, where anger to seed forgiveness, where disharmony to seed harmony, where discouragement to seed hope, were dark to seed light, where grief is to seed joy.

    Because when we forgive, then we are also forgiven, when we give, then we receive, and when we die, then we are born for eternal life. Lord Jesus Christ, it is better not to live than to live without you or against you. Therefore, I thank you for the gift of this day and for being with me. Give me the courage to serve you with dignity: to put justice above benefits, to put the fulfillment of noble deeds above current pleasures, to put others above myself, and to fulfill Your commandment of love. Make the light of Your beauty, goodness, and love shine on my soul as well. I thank You, Lord! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Prayer before meals

    Holy Father, thank you for feeding us plentifully our souls and our bodies. Lord bless this food and the hands that prepared it. Please feed the hungry and water the thirsty. We pray this in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    We thank you, Christ God, for feeding us with your earthly goods. Do not deny us of Your Heavenly Kingdom, but as you came among your disciples and gave them peace, so come among us. Amen

    In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, the poor and needy shall be satisfied: and they who seek Him shall praise the LORD; their soul will be alive forever. Lord Jesus Christ, you said that you are our bread, and whoever eats from it does not die. Feed us yourself. Amen

    Daily prayer

    Creator and Sustainer, Lord of heaven, You said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.” My Lord, with faith, and heart I receive your commandment in my soul, bowing to your kindness. Help me, a purged sinner, on this day that I begin my work, that I finish it in the name of Jesus Christ. Pour out, Lord, Holy Spirit on me, and have forgiveness. Blessed be your holy name that gives us strength, so that today we can complete this work. Give us the joy to serve and the wisdom to know Your voice and Your word. Thank you, Father, for the Holy Spirit that guides us to stay on the right path. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’s name. Amen.

    Evening prayer

    All-powerful Creator, forgive me as a kind and humane person everything I have sinned today: in word, deed, and thought. Provide me a peaceful and restful sleep. Lord Father is the guardian of our bodies and souls. We give you all the glory. Have mercy on us, Lord, because we trust in you. Because you are our God, and we are your people. We are the work of your hands, and we summon you. Open to us the doors of mercy, prosperity, and the presence of God.

    In short, Lord, I thank you for loving me and forgiving my sins. Holy Spirit help me be better. Let me, through your love, be better. Help me to be good to everyone. Give me the strength to live in communion with You, to help others and bring joy to others, to Your glory. Amen

    Prayer for children

    Jesus Christ, Lord, you who was a child, and who loved and blessed children, have mercy on the children of our time and save them; eternal Truth, and in love for You, immeasurable love. Therefore, Lord, save those children whose unbelieving parents corrupt with ungodliness and pull them away from You, you are the only Savior, their Savior. All-merciful, rescue, also, those children who corrupt, ungodly and soulless scholars, separate from You, their Creator.

    Oh, Lord, save those children whose pure souls are infected by the immorality of the street, the depravity of film, television, and theater, save them from all unclean things. God, save the orphans who fall into the hands of violent tutors: save them from hearing the ungodly words and from seeing harmful actions. Lord Jesus, who as a newborn, escaped the sword of King Herod, help your war orphans even today, give them comfort for their lost parents and make them grow into good and honorable people. Let it be so that children of all ages can be residents of heaven when they grow up. Lead them to eternal salvation for your glory and praise. Amen.

    Prayer for all nations

    Wise God, whose judgments are incomprehensible, and the ways unwritten, God, look and hear our prayer for all the nation, and all the people. We know, Lord our God that you allow the suffering of your chosen ones according to your wise providence, to be like gold in the fire through torment cleared. We know that you allow trouble to the holiest souls for Your greater glory and the sake of remembrance and fear to the ungodly and the wicked. We know it is Your glorious resurrection, Christ, came after mockery, crucifixion, and death.

    You said, Lord, that you will gather us from all parts of the Earth, and that you are faithful and that you will redeem all your promise. Gather us, Lord, to be all yours, to have no nationality but to claim only of your name. Dear Father, we pray all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen

    Study prayer

    Almighty Lord, send us the grace of Your Holy Spirit, to strengthen our spiritual strength, so that, paying attention to the teaching that is taught to us, we may grow to You, our creator for glory, to our parents for joy, and the benefit of the Church and our homeland. Amen.

    We thank You, Creator, for honoring us with Your grace, and we have received the teaching. Bless our elders, parents, teachers who lead us to the knowledge of good, and give us the strength and power to continue this useful teaching. Amen.

    Prayer for communion

    Heavenly Father, Lord our God, who alone has the power to forgive people their sins, as gentle and humane, except You? Forgive all my conscious and unconscious sins. Honor me to partake of the divine and glorious, not to punishment, nor torment, but purification and sanctification, and promise. Therefore, I can enjoy the assurance of Salvation, future life, and Your Kingdom. Because You are God of mercy and God of love, so all the Glory belongs to You.

    Lord, my God, cleanse and forgive all my mistakes and sins and transgressions, whether in words or deeds or feelings, consciously or unconsciously. Bless me to receive your Holy Body and Your Holy Blood without judgment, because Your Blood heals soul and material. Because Your Kingdom is a reflection of Glory, honor, and worship with the Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. In the name of Jesus. Amen

    I believe, Lord, and I confess that You are Christ, the Son of the living God, who came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the greatest. I still believe that this is your pure Body and that this is pure Blood of yours. So, please: have mercy on me and forgive me for my sins. May the communion was not on judgment or condemnation but the healing of my soul and body. Amen

    Prayer for loved ones

    Save the Lord and have mercy for my parents (names), brothers, sisters, and relatives in the flesh and the Spirit of my family and give them your peaceful treasures. Save the Lord and have mercy on the old and the young, the poor and the needy, Christ God, to whom they worship every time and every hour and when they celebrate in heaven and on earth, long-suffering, compassionate and merciful.

    You, who loves the righteous and love sinners and call everything salvation, the promise of future goods. You, Lord, receive our prayers at this hour and make our life according to your commandments, sanctify our souls, purify our bodies, correct our judgments, clear our thoughts and deliver us from all sorrow, evil, and pain. So, that we may reach the union of faith and the knowledge of your inaccessible glory because You are blessed forever and ever. Amen.

    Prayer before reading the Scripture

    Light in our hearts, God, the imperishable light of your knowledge of the Word, and open the eyes of our mind so that we may understand you teach in us. The fear of Your blessed commandments, so that, having overcome all bodily lusts, we may live a spiritual life, thinking and creating everything pleasing to You. The love of God, Your perfect love, is the most important promise. For you are the enlightenment of our souls and bodies, Christ God, and to you, we give glory to your eternal Father and your Holy and life-giving Spirit, now and always and for the ages of ages. Amen.

    Prayer for God’s protection (in trouble)

    Ruler, in whose hands is my destiny, protect me by your mercy and do not allow me to perish with my iniquities, nor to go with the will of a body that fights against the spirit with lust. I know that I am your creation and that You do not dislike the work of your hands. Therefore, You will not turn away from me; You have mercy. Save me for your mercy’s sake, for I have been loyal to You.

    Let those be ashamed who seek to push me away from You through impure deeds, ugly thoughts, useless memories. Keep away from me every impurity, every evil, because You are the only world, the only strong one, the only immortal one, immensely powerful in everything, and you give strength to everyone, for the fight against the devil and his armies. For all glory, honor, and worship belong to you. Amen.

    Our Creator, Lord God, and Savior of the human race, mercifully listen to us and help us. You see our helplessness and our suffering; we have no one who could and would alleviate our troubles, no one but You, our hope and consolation. However our sins are big, Your mercy is greater; forgive and save us. Look mercifully on the suffering mother, on the poor widow, on her children and all her relatives, and do not allow their suffering to exceed their strength.

    Hear, Lord, the prayers of all poor mothers, who only look to You and expect help from You; the only protector and comforter small and abandoned. Most Holy God, we see Your mercy from Your Son, when they crucified You, and joyfully greeted the Risen One, and help to all Your faithful souls. We humbly ask you to protect us, in the name of Jesus! Amen!

    Prayer against the devil

    Eternal God, protect the human race from slavery to the devil, protect me, your servant, from every action of unclean spirits. Only You can order evil and unclean spirits and demons to depart from my soul and not dwell or hide in me. For the sake of your holy Name, and Your only-begotten Son, and your life-giving Spirit, we flee from the creation of Your hands and let us be cleansed from every temptation of the devil, to live holy and just and pious. Also, honored with the pure Mysteries of your Son and our God with whom you are blessed and glorified, with your gentle and life-giving Spirit. We seek and pray for Your protection in Jesus’ name! Amen!

    Prayer for our enemies

    All-mighty Lord, receive from me, Your undeserving servant, this prayer for my enemies, be merciful to all who insult me, persecute or torture me. Please, do not judge them as they deserve, but by Your glorious mercy approach them all. We are faithful to turn away from evil and do well, so that none of them would perish, because of us, Your servants. Merciful Lord, I pray for those who have insulted or grieved me in any way, or we whatever evil you have done, do not punish them for my sinfulness, but pour out on them Your generous gentleness. And for those whom I have provoked or led to the sin of enmity.

    Remember, Lord, that we are all human beings, and that as human beings we sin against You and one another; but You, as our Creator and Father, mercifully forgive and have mercy on us. Amen.

    Lord’s prayer

    After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. Matthew 6:9–13