Lessons from the Scripture!

The most important lessons are the ones from the Bible. True Christians are very excited when they study the Word of God. They love the tales and readings in there; they even memorize it.

Daily verse

For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. (Romans 15:4, KJV)

Daily reading

The Word of God is giving us hope. It provides us straight to grow in our faith. When you study the lessons, be sure to pray first that the Spirit of the Lord relives you the truth. It matters in what spirit we read. Sometimes you can think that God tells you something in some verse. On the other hand, if it is opposed to another verse or the context, then it is not God who reveals it.

The story of God is hidden in the Bible. It is His story. It is full of prophecies and historical events. We learn from those lessons that God always has a plan, and He is always in control. Ours is to trust in Him.

Did you notice when you ignore God, He looks like He is far away. But, If you look for Him, He is eternally close. When you seek Him by His Word and prayer, He is closer and more intimate. Choose one story from the Scripture and study it. Try to answer the following questions: Who is the central figure in the story? Who is it for? Who is the author of the book? Time and place of the story. What is the main point of the story? How did God glorify Himself through that story? 

Homework: Read the book of Romans, chapter 15 and 16. Write down one testimony from your life. Share it with someone, but be sure that God is the central figure. 

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