An Overview of the Book of Jeremiah

Jeremiah was born half a century before Christ in the village of Anathoth, not far from Jerusalem. He began to prophesy at an early age in the time of King Josiah. One of his prophecies was repentance to the king and the nobles and the false prophets and priests. In the time of King Josiah, Jeremiah barely saved his life from the murderous hand of the nobles. He prophesied to King Joachim that his funeral would be like a donkey’s funeral. They will throw the king out of Jerusalem died, and his body will be dragged across the land without burial for a long time. That prophesy secured his time in prison. He was unable to write in the dungeon.

He dictated to Baruch through the dungeon window. The providence of God saved Jeremiah from prison, and the prophecy was fulfilled in Joachim. He prophesied to King Jehoniah that he would be taken to Babylon with his whole family and that the king would die there, which shortly happened. Under King Zedekiah, Jeremiah put a yoke on his neck and walked through Jerusalem, prophesying the fall of Jerusalem and slavery in the yoke of the Babylonians. He wrote to the Jewish slaves in Babylon, not to hope to return to Jerusalem because they would stay in Babylon for seventy years, which is what happened. In the valley of Toteph, the Jews sacrificed children to idols.

Jeremiah was prophesying the imminent destruction of the kingdom of Judah. Soon the Babylonians captured Jerusalem, killed King Zedekiah, plundered and destroyed the city, and slaughtered Jews in the Totef Valley, where they sacrificed children to idols. Jeremiah and the Levites took the ark from the temple and took it to Mount Naboth, where Moses died, and hid it in a cave. He was forced by some Jews to go with them to Egypt. Jeremiah lived for four years, and then he was stoned to death by his compatriots. He prophesied to the Egyptians the crushing of their idols and the arrival in Egypt of the Virgin with the Infant.

Jeremiah, Bible
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Jeremiah’s calling to work

The people of Israel, at that time, was doing a lot of wrongs in the eyes of the Lord. They forgot the God of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the One who lead them out of Egypt. The prophets prophesied by Baal and followed the life of sin. The people of Israel had as many gods as there are streets and houses in Jerusalem. A lot of altars are devoted to Baal because they are exaggerated with evil. However, our Lord is the Lord of mercy, and He asked His people to repent their sins and get back to Him. God has put His words into Jeremiah’s mouth so that Jeremiah can speak for the Lord.

God told His prophet to go to the temple, the house of the Lord, and to give them the prophecy. Jeremiah did as the Lord commanded. He declared to them how God plans to destroy them if they don’t repent. The idolatry was that bad that Israelis were sacrificing almost anything. They were pious only on the outside but not on the inside. If they correct their ways and their deeds, the Lord will allow them to remain in their place. Ever since they came out of Egypt, God has constantly sent them prophets, but they have not obeyed because they are following the route of their evil heart. God also told Jeremiah that his people would not listen.

The book of prophet Jeremiah- Chapter 1

Jeremiah was a prophet of God, one of four great ones in the Bible. In the book of Jeremiah chapter one, we read how God summoned Jeremiah to be a prophet. In verses 4-5, the Lord is reviling His plan about the prophet. The Lord said that He knew and appointed Jeremiah to be a prophet in his mother’s womb before he was born. God commanded him not to be afraid because he would be with him to deliver him. In verses 1:9-10, God gave Jeremiah his mission. He did this by reaching Jeremiah’s mouth. This physical touch was very similar to the calling of the prophet Isaiah. God appointed Jeremiah over nations and kingdoms, to remove and tear down.

Not only to destroy and to overthrow, but also to grow, build, and to plant. Jeremiah justified himself to God that he was just a boy. God does not care about age but obedience. His first prophecy was an almond stick, and then a boiled pot while its front side was facing north. The Lord then said the explanation of that dream that evil would come upon the inhabitants of the land from the north. God will pronounce judgment for all misdeed and for worshiping false gods. He also warned Jeremiah that everyone would strike at him but that he wouldn’t be overpowered because God was with him. Thus God made him a prophet above all the kings and princes.