Fight for a lost soul like a lion of Judah in the name of God!

Fight for a lost soul like a lion of Judah in the name of God! A lion of Judah is Jesus Christ himself. When we work for any soul, it is not us who fight but God! He is the one who enters us through the Holi Spirit. While the Lord uses me, I can feel His presence. God wants everyone to be saved. It is us who has the free will of making a choice, do we want to accept Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, or we want to enjoy in the sin and this world. But, what happens when a belives took a detour, from the way of God? Then, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we fight for that soul like a lion of Judah, and we claim the victory in the name of God! We approached our victory on our knees and the cross.

One day, on Sunday, while I was lying down, just finishing an episode of 7th Heaven, a thought accrued to me. I should start a blog. Share something with a world. What should I do? My first thought was, I’ll be honest, a science blog since I am a science fanatic. Then, on a second opinion, I am not competent to present it in the right way. After a few seconds, it came to me, a Christian blog. I’ve wanted for some time now to write down all the testimonies, in my life, from God, and everything that happened to me on that journey. To point out, God is the glorified one in every situation. The search for God’s will is extremely important. We are all seeking God’s wisdom in every circumstance. My prayer that the Holy Spirit comes down and everyone who reads will receive only words from God.

In the beginning…

I want to tell you al the story of a circumstance with which I had to dill. Today is just one of those days when you regret getting up the bed. First of all, I live in a place where most of the people have the face of the pious; they just pretend, in from of other people, that they are believers. Second of all, they prosecute us, who truly and with a whole heart, serve God. And they treat us like a cult or something like that. Also, I work part-time as a teacher.

So, I applied for a part-time temporary position in one school. Four days later, the principal called me for an interview, and I signed the contract. I remember very vividly, I was in a store with my mother helping her buy groceries. At that moment, my mobile phone rings. I answered. It was the principal who gave me a job (contract sigh), one and a half-hour later saying that he needs to break our dill. Then the horror with the elements of drama, comedy, and trailer begins. There is no way to break that contact unless we both agree. And I am not accepting that because I am firmly disagreeing.

Naturally, I asked why? What happened during the last hour and a half? Of course, he wanted to justify his unchristian behavior. Forgot to mention, the principal is a believer. It makes this story even sadder. Anyway, he said that someone called him, he didn’t say who and order him to employ a person who will come down to the school. At that point, I was in a state of complete shock. I asked God, why is this happening? How is it possible that the child of God is using the devil’s tools?

Fight for a lost soul in the name of God- I part

How should any Christian fight for any soul like a lion of Judah, but in the name of God? Easy because it is not your fight; it is His fight! Ask yourself what would Jesus, the lion of Judah, do in your situation. Open your Scripture and find a relevant story, similar to yours. Pray that God gives you all the strength and wisdom to overcome that problem but according to His will. If you ask God to enter in you and fight for you, then you have a living God inside and on your side! There is no one better who can handle whatever situation. At least one time in your, life you will, as I was, came across a believer who is on the road to hell. To point out: Salvation can’t be lost! However, there might be a brother or sister who is getting away from God. 

Then, it is our obligation to firstly pray for that lost soul and secondly to confront them in love and tell them about their sin. When we are telling someone their sin, we are not doing that to show our rightness. There are different ways to do that. For example, Jesus himself did it differently in different situations. Sometimes, He said it directly, and other times He used a story as an analogy. Therefore, firstly you pray that God out words in your mouth and secondly to show you the right time and place for that. It won’t be easy, but hopefully, it will be productive. If that person repents and comes to the Lord asking for forgiveness, then, for sure, our mission is accomplished. Ask the Holy Spirit to act only as He knows. May the Holy Spirit descend on the anointed of God. Be in His presence! 

Fight for a lost soul in the name of God- II part

Clearly, a person with strong connections find out about that position, and that person wanted my job so badly that pulled strings. I was very upset. Anyone who knows me from my community will say that I was a man of word. If I say something, that is how it is going to be. No double playing mind games, nor hippocras behind the back, stabbing. When I say something, I always see God standing next to me. So, when I am talking, I am talking in front of God.

The first working day came, and I had to show up for work, not knowing what will happen to me. I went down to the principles office and told him that I would not sign anything he might give me. I will not voluntarily quit my job because someone wants my position. Unchristianly behavior began, and at that moment, I saw something ugly coming from his mouth. His words were not from God but the devil himself. What did I do?

Well, I said that there is a court and that I will go and see my lawyer and sue the school. Simple as that. Even I have a contract and ID card stating I work there, he didn’t let me go to my office. As I promised, I went to my lawyer who said that situation is clear, and we will win the case. I wasn’t happy. The enemy finds a way to enter our lives and make us enemies. The only two believing people in the school, instead of praying together, are going at the court.

At that moment, I’ve decided not to go to court and skip all the legal stuff. However, I will have my own fight on my knees with Jesus in the name of God!

In the end…

It was a big decision not to sue the school. Because I’ve shown the LOVE, the love God has for us even when we are lost. The eternal love that God has for us while He is fighting for us and sometimes even with us. In short: Aks God, pray to God, and listen to God. And that is how you should fight for a lost soul like a lion of Judah in the name of God! Always in the name of God! Fight like a lion, never stay away from a stray sheep. Help whenever you can, and as much as you can. And as for me and my problem, I am waiting for God to allow me to confront him. In the meantime, I went back to work and I am teaching. We’ll see for how long.

Do not be angry with your brother/sister, but fight for them in the name of God. Let God fight through you. Whenever you can, you should fight for a lost soul like a lion of Judah in the name of God! Follow us on our YouTube channel.

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