Fall in love with prophet Nathan from the Bible!

As soon as you discover the story about David and Bathsheba, you’ll fall in love with prophet Nathan. The prophet was brave and filed with the Spirit od the Lord that he said to David, “You are that man!” When King David was supposed to be in the war, he was lazy at home. And since he had a lot of free time, he hangs out uncontrollably in all places. It is hard for us to believe that a man who was according to God’s heart can go so far and sink so fast. Namely, David committed adultery with Bathsheba. It is quite difficult to believe until we look at ourselves in the mirror. David knew in advance that Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah the Hittite. Now David receives a letter with the content that the King of Israel is the father of a child, signed by pregnant Bathsheba. 

David didn’t call Uriah to confess a sin and confront the consequences of that behavior. But he wanted, without any doubt, to cover-up his mistake and free himself from any possible accusation. Firstly, the king wanted to send the tiered soldier to his wife and possibly be intimate. But since Uriah refused to go home because of consolidation with his companions in the war, he stayed in the tent in front of David’s residence. David’s plan failed. Secondly, he wanted to get Uriah drunk to forget his patriotism. David’s plan failed again. Thirdly, since both plans to send Uriah to his wife, David made a horrible plan. His last plan was to send the faithful soldier to die in front lines. Sadly, this was a successful plan. David sinned against Uriah by taking his wife, and he multiplied that sin by taking Uriah’s life. God was saddened by that.

How I fall in love with the prophet Nathan

Several months have passed since the previous events. David thought since there are no obstacles that he could now enjoy with Bathsheba. God can allow the faithful to fall into sin, but He will not allow them to remain to enjoy it. God was like a grieving parent when his child broke his heart. Therefore, He sent Nathan, the prophet. It does not say that David sent for Nathan. That is because sin has so blinded him. God has His directions, and He works the specific ways. His methods are perfect and directly address man. With David, He used the story. A story that suited the king. David never dreamed that Nathan would visit him. And when Nathan knocked on the door, he thought he would ask for some advice about the war or something else. This is a moment I started to fall in love with the prophet Nathan.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the integrity and character of the prophet Nathan? The man comes without any amusement or ceremonies. He is not wasting any time, so he immediately starts telling a story. The story was about a rich shepherd who did injustice to a poor shepherd. The rich man has many flocks and sheep and cattle, while the poor man has only one sheep. He took care of that sheep as if he were a member of the family. But a total stranger came to visit the rich man and he needed to prepare a meal. And the rich man decided not to give his own, but to take a sheep from the poor. David did not wait to be asked by Nathan if he knew the man. As David blushed with anger at the injustice, he demanded that justice be done immediately. David’s judgment was death.

You are that man!

Without any interrogation and trial, without discussion, David’s verdict for that man was the death penalty. He based his decision on the words that the rich man was not sorry for what he did. Now God brought David where He wanted. David judged for himself. David showed great self-righteous anger towards the rich man. He couldn’t imagine that someone who had everything would take the only thing he had from someone. Here comes Nathan’s famous declaration, “You are that man”! Nathan comes before the king with a powerful illustration. And he dares to tell the king himself that the king was wrong. Because of that, he could lose his head. First, he came uninvited, and second, he accused the king of a crime for which the king said the penalty is death. He said, David, I’m telling you this story. God takes care of every detail.

Thank God that the heart of the man of God was still beating under the hardened heart. He repented. God forgave him, and he continued to reign. God pointed his finger through Nathan without a shudder, and the voice of God spoke without any hesitation, and the verdict is pronounced without any compromise: You are the one! In God’s judgment, David was found guilty. We fall in love with the prophet Nathan because he reveals to David his sin and helps him repent and repent. 

Prophet Nathan in the Bible

As we know, Nathan was a prophet from the Old Testament in the time of King David. When David offered to build a temple for the Lord, the Lord instructed Nathan to tell David that he was not allowed to build it. Nathan also rebuked David for causing the death of Uriah, one of his warriors, and for taking Uriah’s wife Bathsheba (2 Sam. 12: 1–15; D&C 132: 38–39). Zadok, along with Nathan, anointed David’s son Solomon king (1 Kings 1: 38-39, 45). Nathan opposed the person who wanted to be the new king and sided with the future King Solomon. Nathan participated in David’s anointing of Solomon as king. After that, together with the Prophet Gad, he established the worshiping between Leviticus.

Sometimes I think of Nathan as a spiritual descendant of prophet Samuel. He was with David in the major desition-making situations as Samuel was with King Saul. There is, of course, the main difference between Saul and David. They’ve both sinned, but only David ran towards the Lord. Nathan was with David even when his child died.

Who is Prophet Nathan in my life today?

Did you ever ask yourself, who is Prophet Nathan in my life today? Well, I did too many times. Nathan, in our lives, is every bother of sister in Christ who comes forward and points out to our sins. How do you fall in love with prophet Nathan in your life, you may ask? In short: Very easily, because that is the person who loves you the most. That is a person who has the courage to comes to you and points out your mistake. Not because that person is flawless. But because they want you to repent, clean your sin with the blood of a Lamb, and clean yourself with the blood of Jesus. When God sent you Nathan, be like David, repent for your sin. Go to your bed, kneel before your God, or if you cannot kneel, bow your head and ask the Lord. 

While your head is down, it a good time for thanksgiving. Ask the Lord to send you Nathan, and ask to show you who that person is in your life. Pray, seek, examine God’s will in your life. He seeks to protect you from evil. For the wages of sin is death, as the Bible tells us. The consequences of sin are catastrophic. As David gave the judgment of death, death came for his child. The day of Salvation is today! 

Conclusion: Fall in love with Prophet Nathan

The relationship between prophet Nathan and King David certainly wasn’t transactional. Prophet Nathan had nothing to gain personally aside from the joy of being obedient to God’s will. He never pandered to David. In difficulty, he boldly confronted King, who had committed not just adultery but also murder. How can you not fall in love with that kind of person? However, you should also try to be that kind of character. Read and roleplay all the verses where Nathan is a figure. Be in his skin, fell his spirit.

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