Do you wear face-masks in the Church, Covid-19 virus?

Do you wear face-masks in the Church? There are many different opinions should we wear a mask in the Church. A lot of people are comparing our faith and trust in God with basic health protection. It looks like we have two choices. If you wear a mask, you don’t have confidence that God will protect you from coronavirus. On the other hand, if you decide not to wear a mask, you put all of your faith in the Lord, and you are fully protected. I couldn’t disagree more with those two options. 

World Health Organization: WHO made a statement about wearing a facemask indoors. Essential information on the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on their website. As we know, COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus was found in Wuhan, China, in December last year. So if a doctor tells you to do something to protect yourself, you should be doing it. Since most of the church meetings are indoors, we need to, as in any other place, wear a face mask. 

Do you wear face-masks in the Church?| Why should you wear it?

Firstly you should wear a mask to show an example to other people. If there is a law, Christians should be the first one to follow it. Surely not the first one to break it. Of course, wearing a mask is not the law, at least not yet. But, the point still remains. Jesus encouraged people to obey the law when the law is not against the Bible. The one who first rebelled against the Heavenly Father is the same one who is the father of every rebellion. He found a way to enter the Church through a simple recommendation – wearing a mask.

There is a wealth of evidence and scientific research on the effectiveness of wearing masks published in medical journals, and some of the latest clinical and other studies are on this list, while others can be read here and here. If the amount of virus is very high, the immune response can be violent, causing damage to the body. But if the initial amount of ingested virus is small, the immune system can fight less drastic reactions – a person has fewer symptoms if any. If you wear a mask near someone who has the virus – you will inhale a smaller amount of particles, and it will pass better than if you did not have it.

How does the mask protect?

Face-masks have functions for protection: 

  1. It protects the wearer
  2. It protects the people around us and the environment from ourselves.

People simply see the first purpose. Since they think they don’t need protection, therefore, they don’t need the mask. Almost any face-mask prevent infecting the person who wears it. Also, the procedure of putting it on and taking it off must be followed. The main transmission of the virus is small droplets that come out of the mouth and nose. An additional problem with covid-19 is that even asymptomatic patients unknowingly leave particles behind. It happens even when an infected person talks, not just when they cough or sneeze. So if you talk in the church, you need a mask. 

Many religious people, especially legalists, are insinuating that If you trust God, you will be protected. Can you guarantee that absolutely everyone in your community is 100% relying on God? Remember the second function of the mask. By covering our mouth and nose when there are a lot of us in a certain space, we efficiently control the source of the infection. It is the easiest way to prevent transmission. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, there is confusion about the story of the masks. The World Health Organization first recommended wearing masks. Later, WHO reports that those at lower risk should not wear masks. Today, we know that everyone should wear a face-mask. 

My mask protects you while your mask protects me.

Do you wear face-masks in the church? Did anyone ever ask you, as they are asking me every Sunday, why do you wear face-masks in the church? A mask is the first measure, which each of us can apply immediately. There are a lot of tests and scientific research that says that even cotton face cover quite retains all the viruses that we expel from our mouths. It is up to 99% of viral particles. When we wear a mask, it prevents the virus from spreading very far. Even if it does not stop all the virus particles, this decrease in the infectious dose emitted by the infected person is also important for reducing the probability of spreading.

Covid-19 turned out to be challenging to control. Simply because sufferers can infect others before they get any of the symptoms of the disease on their own if they get symptoms at all. Some researchers suggest that almost half of the newly infected people get the disease from infected people who neither sneeze nor cough. So, next time when someone asks you, “why do you wear face-masks in the Church,” tell them it is because my mask protects you. Wearing a mask indoors has nothing to do with belief and everything with respecting WHO recommendations. Keep the distance be safe.

How do I defend myself from people who don’t wear masks?

One of the silliest reasons I’ve heard is, “I don’t want to put it on because I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do.” The mask is not an order but a way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Try to friendly explain to people how virus transmits and why it better to wear the mask. You can always pray to God for those people and keep praying for God’s protection. Even though we don’t know the reason for Covid-19 spreading, we certainly know it is a part of God’s plan.

In addition, there is one study that showed that those who do not want to wear a mask are often unfriendly, sad, deceptive, complacent, and selfish. Don’t let people in your community be stubborn and mix, wearing a mask with faith in God. It is the same as you want to cross the street. According to those people, if you have faith in the Lord, you will cross the street with your eyes closed. Therefore, God is watching you all the time. And it is true God is watching over you all the time. However, He wants you to take care of yourself. And do not tempt God but be always grateful.

Do you wear face-masks in the Church?| Conclusion

On the question, do you wear face-masks in the Church, we can confidently answer: Yes, I am wearing a mask. My mask protects you, and I fully trues the Lord. You can even wear a cool mask outside the church. For example, Jesus is my Savior!

As Doctor Martin Luther said, “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all, but whatever I placed in God’s hands that I still possess.” we should put everything in God’s hands. Pray for His guidance and will in our lives. He is an All-powerful and All-mighty God who knows everything from the beginning until the end of time.

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