Discover when and how did Abraham see Jesus

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Discover the answer to the question when and how did Abraham see Jesus. Jesus said in John 8:54-56 that He was before Abraham and that Abraham saw his day. That is, Abraham saw the Messiah in advance by faith arrival before it happened. It is the day of the Messiah that in Abraham’s mind already existed. And this is not traveling in time, science fiction or anything like that. It is simply God’s way of showing the Savior to Abraham. Jesus strengthened his supremacy in God’s plan with a startling statement (John 8:58). Jesus emphasized his messianic claim. He doesn’t say that before Abraham’s birth there were Logos; he says “me alone.” It is Jesus, the Messiah, the man the Father revealed the messianic work.

Discover how did Abraham see Jesus

We already know that Abraham was childless for a long time and that he got Isaac at the age of one hundred. Also, God has promised that he will be the father of nations, by faith, and that his descendants will be like stars in the sky. Isaac was supposed to extend the family line and continue God’s covenant.

Have we ever heard God call us to such a hard and complicated task, or have we just heard Him comforting us with promises all the time? It is easy for our human mind to imagine God, giving us comforting promises all the time. Because we do not like the challenging route, we can be deaf to God’s voice when He calls us to a difficult task. Hm…are are we being obedient to God? Put yourself, just for a second into Abraham’s skin: would you be able to sacrifice your child? Yes, probably me neither. And that only means that we do not rely on God 100%. But Abraham had an ear to hear and a heart that was willing to obey whatever God commanded. What a man! I am sure that Abraham didn’t sleep the night before his trip. How could he?

Who knows how many times did Abraham looked in Isaac and what kind of thought run his mind. How difficult it was for Abraham to sacrifice his son in his old age, but he was ready to obey God at any cost. He didn’t complain to God. Abraham did not say who had he been faithful. Why is God asking this? Nor did he say to the Lord, how he has sacrificed so much so far, why does he need greater sacrifices? He was faithful and obedient until the end.

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The moment when Abraham sees Jesus

As he went to sacrifice Isaac, there was faith in Abraham’s heart that God would somehow bring his son back from death. (Hebrew 11:19) It would certainly not be a problem for such a God to bring Isaac back to life. Abraham was thinking about how all-powerful God is, and He can bring back Isaac, who was supposed to be sacrificed on the altar. While they were climbing the mountain, Abraham believed that Isaac would come back with him. Crucified between love for his child and obedience to God, Abraham is faced with a very difficult choice. We see faith and hope to overcome fear and doubt as the knife is raised to kill Isaac. In this way, Abraham showed that he was ready to put God’s call before all other obligations, and at that moment, the test ends. This is the moment when Abraham sees Jesus. 

Remember, John 8:56 unquestionably refers to this story when Abraham saw the day of Christ on mountain Moriah. On that day, Abraham saw in his work a prophetic vision when God the Father himself would lay his only begotten Son on the hill of Golgotha and offer Him as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. And that day on mountain Moriah, Abraham learned something about what it would cost God’s heart to deliver a sinister world. He reached the level of close communion with the heart of God that morning. Yes, he worshiped God, with expensive obedience and sacrifice. A great relationship with God can only come through such obedience. We can accumulate a lot of accurate theological information in our minds, but true spiritual knowledge can only come when we surrender everything to God. There is no other way.

God cares

In the New Testament, the sacrifice of Isaac is more valuable than the best example of man’s dedication to being obedient to God (Hebrews 11: 17-19). It is a picture of God’s sacrificial love. Just as Abraham gave his only son as a sacrifice, the same way God Father did not spare his Son, for the sake of this world. (Romans 8: 32a; John 3:16). The place where the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, died in the place predestined by God. As the animal died instead of Isaac, the Lord Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45). The Lord Jesus paid the full price to free us from the bondage of sin and death.

Then to hand him over for all of us, so how can he not give us everything with Him? (Romans 8: 32b). If God has given His best gift, His beloved Son, to bring us to salvation, He will surely give all that is necessary to fulfill the work begun on the cross on Golgotha. Let us be encouraged because God has not stopped caring. He is the God of Abraham and He is also our God. In the Epistle to the Philippians, the apostle Paul knew this truth and for that reason, he was encouraged and encouraged others. He was sure that “my God will fulfill all your needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

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