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These free “Bible on worksheets” were based on several years of the author’s experience in education. The exercises included in this course are based on the life of Christians. The course is similar in choice, scope, and level to the exercises that students do around the world. The method of learning is proper for everyone who wants to grow in faith. Within each free workshop for a house or fellowship gathering, there should be time given for examination and evaluation of the exercise: what was good in the study, what can be improved? Evaluation is an important, final step. Every participant should do self-evaluation and group evaluation, providing the opinion expressed or written.

Important note: You should pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit before and after every meeting.

A free book of prayers

Download the book of common prayers for free. A bird is a bird if it flies. A flower is a flower if it blooms. A man is a man if he prays.

Genesis | Bible on worksheets

The Creation of Heaven and Earth according to The First Book of Moses. Find out what is hidden behind the story of Creation and how it can help you in understanding your life. Explore the very first verses in the Bible and the meaning behind them. Enjoy this group activity.

Meet Adam and Eve, the first people, made in God’s image, while you explore God’s essential revelation about the nature of created life. Why should we choose to obey God, and what happens when we disobey him? Enjoy exploring this part of the Bible with your home-group with these free, printable worksheets.

Investigate Cain and Abel, a perfect tribute to your home-group study. This free worksheet is a study of the story of Cain and Abel from Genesis chapter four. You will read the story, analyze the character of each brother, and put yourself in their situation.

An interactive retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark is returned to life with questioners, simple text, and project homework. What happens when we disobey God?

Depression | Bible on worksheets

Depression is, nowadays, the most common state of mind, even within believers. Sadly, most people don’t realize that it is a spiritual battle. Therefore, use this self-assessment worksheet to point out your problems and to follow your progress.

Legal Note: These worksheets are made for believers to possibly grow spiritually (no guarantees). This is not medical help, and you should see a doctor. We will not bear any responsibility for any problems, losses, or damage caused through the use of all of these worksheets/ workbooks.

Jesus Christ | Bible on worksheets

Ever since Adam and Eve rebelled against God, He has been working to bring humanity back to himself. In the prophetic books, the coming of the Savior is foretold. In the Gospels, we meet him: Jesus, the Son of God, the long-awaited Messiah who brought God’s love and good news (The Gospel), not only for the Jews, God’s chosen people but for all. God speaks to us through Jesus.

There is God’s word. This is my rock and anchor. On it, I rely, and it remains. Where it remains, I too remain where it goes, I too go.

Martin Luther

As we grow, we do so in fits and starts, lurching more forward than back. As we seek God’s Word, we discover the real purpose of our lives. Practice piety with Bible on worksheets.

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Legal note: We will not bear any responsibility for any problems, losses, or damage caused through the use of all of these worksheets/ workbooks or any other material from this website.