7 ultimate reasons to become a Christian today!

7 ultimate reasons to become a Christian today!

Even if you group up in a Christian family or you have friends who are believers, you might still need some reasons why you should become Christian. Here’s a short but good list of seven reasons to become a Christian! There are many reasons why you become a Christian. Some are easy and more thoughtful than others. To be a Christian means to be only Christ’s. To be a Christian means to live life with Christ in yourself and to rely entirely on Him. Have a look at the list of reasons openly and without prejudice.

  1. Salvation
  2. The Bible says so
  3. New life
  4. There is a lot of work to be done
  5. The purpose of life
  6. God sent you an invitation 
  7. Atheists bet 


The first of many reasons to become a Christian is Salvation. In the context of an afterlife, life after death, salvation means the soul of the one who passed away goes to Heaven. Can anyone escape death? No. Everything in life is uncertain except death. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but we know that one day we will die and go before the judgment seat of God. Dying is put away as long as possible, but it is inevitable. From birth, we are certain that we will die. Paul tells us about death in 1 Corinthians 15:56 as something final. Should this scare us? No. On the verge of life, our real-life begins.

Jesus himself knows what it means to die. The God I believe in personally became a man, lived on earth, and died. In Hebrews 2:17, Paul says that Jesus is like his brothers in every way. Jesus died. That, of course, is not the end. He was resurrected and rose from the dead. Jesus overcame death. With his death, He took away the power of my death, took my sins, and took them to the grave so that I would be forgiven. He defeated the power of darkness on the cross. Resurrection is the most important message of the New Testament, just as Salvation is the most important message of Holy Scripture. Jesus’ Resurrection shows that He came from God.

Salvation is a gift from the Lord God and cannot be earned. Salvation was obtained only by faith through Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus died and rose again, that he is the way, the truth, and the life. Then we are born again. Let us cry out to the Lord, let us repent, let new life be poured out by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is victorious, and we are victorious in Him. That is why I am a Christian, and I remain to be until the end. Is this reason enough for you?

The Bible says so

The second of many reasons to become a Christian is because the Bible says so. Without entering into a further theological discussion, the Bible is the Word of God and, as such, is the absolute truth. I notice that when I talk to people who are not theologians or have any prior knowledge of Scripture that they either do not read Scripture at all or read very little. Even the little they read they identify with fairy tales and fictional stories. There are so many Bible verses as well as historical writings that can support this thesis. And if something is absolutely true, and it wants to show us the right way, don’t you think we should listen?

When an Israeli professor found Christ’s tomb in 1945, it was sealed. And inside they found in Aramaic and Greek Jesus the Risen One, as another archaeological proof of the authenticity of the Bible. The Bible is always right. The Bible says you should be a Christian, which is another of many reasons to become a Christian today.


New life

The third of many reasons to become a Christian is the beginning of a New Life. When the Holy Spirit is poured out on you and you are born again, then great views open up to you. Then we are inextricably linked to Jesus through the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave to his followers. When the Holy Spirit enters us then He begins to change us for the better. We get better every day better and better. In the new life, there is no more depression, tears, feelings of loss, but only joy in Him. From the darkness in which we lived, we come to light. 2 Corinthians 5:17 that if anyone is in Christ then he is born again.

There is a lot of work to be done

The fourth of many reasons to become a Christian is the work that needs to be done. There is a lot of work in this world. When Jesus Christ has reconciled us to Heavenly Father, and we enter the kingdom of God, then we should also join the company of God’s helpers. Just as you were a sinner when God redeemed you, so many people in all this need redemption. Jesus is looking for people who want to follow him where he sends them. And there are a lot of works, and there are not enough workers. In this world, we need to satisfy God’s command as Christ did.

When you become a Christian, then you represent Christ and become His ambassador. Isn’t this one of several reasons to become a Christian because there is much to be done by order of the greatest Emperor of emperors and Lord of lords? Prepare to work!

The purpose of life

The fifth of many reasons to become a Christian is the purpose of life. How many times did you ask yourself why I am here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? At different ages of life, we want different things; for example, when we are young, we want a toy, and our whole world revolves around it. When we are teenagers, then we want a motorcycle or a car, clothes in the latest fashion. Of course, different people desire different positions; the boss wants to be the director, the worker wants to become the boss, the doctor wants to be the head of the department, and so on. However, man is created for something more.

It is exactly the main problem when we talk about the purpose of life. It is difficult for a man to understand that he was created for something more. Those who think that man was not created but developed for many years also think that they do not need God. For them, the end is the disintegration of the body structure. A world without God is a world without real, lasting joy. The man was created to be in communion with God. It can also be the first of many reasons to become a Christian: we were created to be with God.

This offer is still valid; no condition is required for a relationship with God. Death is not the end of everything. That is why Christ came. May God show us the way. The fact that God exists, that He is the Creator of the world and the whole universe, and that He created us in His image is reason to consider becoming a Christian.

God’s invitation

The sixth of many reasons to become a Christian is the invitation God sent you. He often uses more than one person in the preaching Gospel, but whenever someone throws off his hand, their heart hardens a little more (Hebrews 3:15). The last rejection of Christ will lead the person to be deaf to the gospel. However, as we read in 2 Peter 3:9, God does not want anyone to perish, so he sends more servants to invite people to come to the wedding feast. But they did not pay attention and did not respond. One was on the farm while the other had to work.

Jesus said that many were invited, but few will respond to the invitation. So, will there be some saved? Are there few who will be saved?

In the ordinance on the wedding feast, which is the symbol of the celebration in which the faithful will enjoy the kingdom (Revelation 19: 6-9), We read in Matthew 22: 3 that God told his servants to call people to the wedding. However, people didn’t want to come. It shows a description of how the missionaries respond to the gospel of Christ. There will be people who will respond, and Gog gives them forgiveness (Acts 5:31; 11:18; 2 Timothy 2: 24-26), but many do not respond to the evangelical effort of the believer.

If God sends you an invitation to His Kingdom, isn’t this one of several reasons to become a Christian?

Mathew 22:2-4 KJV

Atheist bet

The seventh of many reasons to become a Christian is the famous Pascal’s bet. It is named after the French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Blaise Pascal. Specifically, he tried to justify his religiosity with this excellent argument.

In practice, it revolves around the question: “What if you’re wrong?”

This question is mostly addressed by the believer to atheists and thus suggests that the atheist will go to hell if it turns out that God exists. Nevertheless, if you believe that God exists and you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you benefit. In the end, it all comes to this, if you are right and God doesn’t exist, then by believing you won’t lose anything but if He does exist, then you are in a problem. For me, one thing is sure, He does exist, and He wants you on His side.

Summary | 7 ultimate reasons to become a Christian today

I have listed seven ultimate and good reasons to become a Christian because maybe one was clearer to you than the other. And if you have come to the end of reading this text, I rightly invite you for all reasons to become a Christian today. To be a Christian means to live in communion with God, to pass with Him from death to eternal life. Pray, thank God for His Love poured out on the cross. Surrender your life to Hirst and repent. God will accept you through Jesus’ mediation. Never doubt it.

Every Christian has a place in the Christian community. Therefore, you can search for your local community and join. The Christian lives by the word of God. Start reading the Bible. Live with Christ, and turn to Him in prayer. Yes, life is just beginning.

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