17 things Christians need in a travel bag!

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Dear world travelers, 

Travel… If you are looking for a list of essential things to pack for your next travel, you’ve come to the right place. I know how packing can be frustrating.

First, you need to find a suitable bag or two, just the right size. Second, you need to make an all-inclusive list, hoping that you will not forget anything. Third, as always, you forget that one thing you need the most. That is never the same stuff, and yes, you regularly need it the most. Also, you may be wondering which things are necessary and which are surplus. For my personally, whenever I can, I travel light. It has its advantages and limitations. Nevertheless, essential must be packed. .

To make your next trip completely carefree, be sure to put these household items in your travel bag. The list may vary from trip to trip, but I promise you, you’ll use at least 14 out of 17.

1. The Bible

The Bible is a source of everything, the hope, faith, wisdom. It is a book above all books. As I read the Bible, I often felt as if my blindfold had been removed. I realized that no matter how much I read the Scriptures, it is never enough. 

Pack it for sure because unpredictable situations can happen to you, and it will be handy. If you get stuck in a traffic jam or a plane delay, there is something to read. Also, if you find yourself in a situation that you need advice, who better to ask than God? Of course, God speaks in many ways. His Word is just one of them. 

2. Documents

Personal documents can be various. From the passport, if you travel outside of the state, to the membership card if you go to a country club. Make sure that you have your ID card, driver’s license, and an insurance card. You’ll probably need an ID for identification, driver’s license in case you need to drive, or if you want to rent a car after a flight. For instance, you’ll want to bring your insurance card for a medical emergency. On the other hand, if you travel out of the state, think about international insurance. 

To summarize: print your reservations, carry your papers, passport, ID, cards, documents for your car, or pet’s documents.

3. Wallet

Pack the wallet! Clean the mixture out of your wallet. The wallet must be clean and neat for a better organization. Take out unnecessary things, that way you’ll create more space. Don’t keep fiscal bills, membership cards, or invalid business cards in your wallet because they take up valuable space.

Place each card on its place, and the coins neatly. The wallet should be in your sight all the time. You must have a special place to store it, and leave it there every time you take it out of the bag.

4. Food & water

To feel good during the trip, don’t eat small meals non-fat or sugary. If you want to avoid nausea, then avoid sweets and juices. Pack mini-meals for the trip, they will help you to feel great. These include: sandwich with a spread of seeds, nuts, legumes, various pies (with cheese or meat, vegetables)

Provide yourself with fruits and vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants that fight nausea during travel. They are also full of water, and the body is constantly hydrated. During the trip, the best refreshing drink is water. Think about what you eat at the stops along the way. If you stop on the road, at a fast-food restaurant, choose wisely.

5. Enough money to spend

Please, don’t ask me how much money do you need. It is ungrateful to give such advice because everyone has different needs along the way. This also varies from trip to trip. Go over your budget and be sure you have enough. Keep in mind that if you leave your state, you will need to change your currency. If you travel with an agency, on each of the trips, the guide will tell you where to change money and introduce you to the country’s currency and the current exchange rate. It is best to take the dollar or the euro on the road, which can change in any country that does not have the dollar or euro as its currency. If you don’t travel with an agency, then do the research yourself. 

6. Emergency contact list

Creating an ICE (in case of emergency) entry on your mobile phone can help in emergencies, pick someone to be called by rescuers, doctors, firefighters, or police. If you want it to be more people, you can make “ICE1”, “ICE2” and so on.

Besides your phone, write down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet or bag. That way, you will have a number to call (from prepaid phone) if your battery dies or you lose your phone.
Make sure you give your number in writing to your children in case they get lost.

7. First aid kit

No, I don’t think of a Swedish band. It is an actual first aid. Traveling is very exciting, but very often, if you are careless, you can hurt yourself or hurt someone else. That is why it is good to always bring a small first aid bag with you. Bring pills for headaches, nausea, and discomfort if you have problems with allergies, and climate change, probiotics, etc. Be sure to bring a bandage in case of physical injuries.

8. Clothes

Most people, especially women, very often pack too many clothes, which in the end they don’t take out of the suitcase. If you are traveling on vacation, bring a few warm things with you in case there is a change in temperature or rainfall. If you travel by plane, think about the restrictions when it comes to the weight of luggage. If the hotel has a swimming pool without you going on holiday, bring a bathing suit with you. Pajamas, towels, underwear are an integral part of your luggage.  Don’t forget church clothes too.

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9. Shoes

The most important is to bring comfortable shoes and a pair of elegant shoes if you are planning to go out. Maybe one pair of shoes for your church clothes.

10. Cosmetics

When you are packing personal hygiene products, take only essentials. Today, you do not have to carry a lot of bottles (shampoo, balm, shower gel, etc.), but you can buy a set of small bottles in drugstores and fill them with shampoo, gel, etc. Of course, you can expect to get mini cosmetics at the hotel, but if you like to use your cosmetics, you can apply the advice with small bottles. If you are traveling on vacation, be sure to bring sunscreen.

11. Emergency money

Arrange the money in several different places. It is not advisable to have all of it in one place. Make sure you have enough for unpredictable situations.

Of course, if situations are unpredictable, then the amount is changeable too. Just make sure you bring as much as you can.

12. Phone, tablet & laptop

It happens that I forget to bring my phone with me. I feel lost and disconnected from the world. It may be a good thing if you’re traveling on vacation. We all need time to plug out from the world and plug into nature.
On the other hand, the best way is to have your phone/tablet/ laptop with you in case you need it but shut it down when you don’t.

13. Chargers

If you carry the mention devices with you, be sure to bring a charger for each one. If your camera’s batteries run out quickly, bring a battery charger.
Remember that the EU has a different power outlet, so to sure to buy an EU adapter for your chargers.


If you forget your camera, you will regret it for sure. Even though smartphones have great cameras and make good pictures, they will not be good as a camera. 

Try to make as many shots as possible because one day they will be all the memories left. 

15. Glasses

Sunglasses and reading glasses are essentials for me every time I leave my house. Winter or summer holiday, you’ll get at least a flash of Sun during your trip. Protect your eyes. Since the Bible is number one this list and I need glasses to read, naturally I need reading glasses.

16. GPS/Maps

I am sure you already did research and explored the area you are planning to visit. You will need to find a church for Sunday worship, restaurants that suit your diet, local museums, art galleries, etc. GPS in your phone/tablet can very useful to have, but what if your battery dies? Therefore, it is handy to have a printed map.

17. Diary

Diary can be for writing down all memories or a prayer journal. Either way, it may not sound like a good idea, but it is. That way, you can look back and refresh your memory. Also, you can see how God’s working in your life.

Dear world travelers,

A few bonus tips. Before you start packing for the trip, add more things if you need to this list of things. That way, you won’t carry too many unnecessary things with you, and on the other hand, you will make your journey easier. Since the packaging can be tiring and stressful, make a list 10 days in advance, purchase all the necessary things, iron the wardrobe, arrange the shoes, check all the devices you carry with you, and start the final packaging for the trip.

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